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Mains fed water coolers now available


Better health

Our bodies are 70% water so we need to constantly replenish it throughout the day. The benefits of being properly hydrated include being able to concentrate longer, less fatigue, reduced appetite and clearer skin. You’ll feel better, look better and, if you’re an employer, your employees will perform better.


Free sanitisation

Our mains fed water coolers really are ‘fit and forget’. We’ll even arrange free sanitisation of your coolers twice a year for added protection of your health and complete peace of mind.


Never run out of water

As sure as eggs are eggs the British weather will take you by surprise. Suddenly the mercury is rising and your bottled water has run out – at the same time as everyone else. With our mains fed water coolers you enjoy an unlimited supply even during those classic British heatwaves.


Save money

Our Eco boilers use approximately half the electricity than an electric kettle whilst our mains-fed coolers are cheaper than bottled water systems, which can cost up to £6 per 18 litres. With a mains fed water cooler you pay the same amount regardless of how much water you use so managing your cash flow is simpler.


In addition

  • No Contract!
  • Free Installation!
  • Invoiced through DACS on your “regular” workplace supplies invoice


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